There were about 500 athletes at the start of the three distances in the second edition of the Run for the Whales that took place last year. This was a sporting event that also provided an occasion for celebration in the open air, giving many tourists who came specifically to explore the far western part of Liguria the opportunity to discover its beautiful attractions, as well as the extraordinary presence of dolphins and whales off its coast.

There were runners in the race that came from many regions of Italy (Campania, Trentino, Lazio, Piedmont, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Calabria and obviously Liguria) and from nearby France. The winners in the half marathon classification were Giovanni Stella (ASD Gianone Running Circuit) in the men’s field and Romina Casetta (GSR Ferrero) in the women’s. In the 10 Km success went to Gilles Rubio (Menton Marathon) and Concetta Camillo (free), while the winner of the Family Run (3.5 Km) was Marina Marchi (ASD Foce Sanremo).