The Organizing Committee of the San Remo Marathon, with the sponsorship of the Tethys Instituteand with the techical organization of the Sports Pro San Pietro Sporting Association and the approval of F.I.D.A.L. – Italian Federation of Light Athletics – is organizing the  Competitive Race – RUN FOR THE WHALES HALF MARATHON SAN REMO,on Saturday 15 June 2024. This is a running road race over a distance of 21.097 km, included in the F.I.D.A.L. calendar and classified as ” national”.


  • Sports organization: Asd Pro San Pietro
  • Date: 15 June 202418:30
  • Start: San Lorenzo al Mare – old Railway Station
  • Route: Cycle path of the Coastal Park of the Riviera of Flowers
  • Finish: Athletic fields, Pian di Poma – San Remo
  • Distance: 21.097 km
  • Max time limit: 3 hours
  • Number of athletes admitted: 500
  • Organization Desk: Athletic fields, Pian di Poma – San Remo
  • Timetable for registrations and race bibs collection at the Organization Desk:
    • Friday, 14 June 2024, from 14:30 to 18:00
    • Saturday, 15 June 2024, from 10:00 to 13:00



Criteria for partecipation are summarized as follows:

  Athletes resident in Italy Athletes not resident in Italy
Option 1 FIDAL Licence
(with automatic validity check)
WA Licence
(must be sent to the organization)
Option 2 RunCard Licence
(with automatic validity check)
Possession of Fidal RunCard
medical certificate for competitive light athletics
issued on the form provided by the organization
(must be sent to the organization)
Option 3 RunCard-EPS Licence
(with automatic validity check)

Athletes licensed in Italy

Based on what is found in the “Rules for the organization of events” issued by FIDAL, athletes licensed in Italy limited to persons of 18 years of age and older can participate if they are in possession of one of the following prerequisites:

  • athletes licensed for 2024 by a society affiliated with FIDAL After registration to the race, the organization will make a direct verification of the validity of the Fidal licence through the federal database;
  • athletes in possession of a 2024 Runcard (valid as sports insurance and permission to compete) limited to persons of 20 years and older. After registration to the race, all athletes must forward the following documents via our online registration system:
    • a scan of their valid Runcard license
    • a scan of a valid medical certificate for competitive light athletics on the ASL form.
  • Please visit the official Runcard website to sign up for a Runcard licence

Athletes not licensed in Italy

Italian/foreign athletes who are not licensed in Italy can participate, limited to persons of 18 years and older, if they are in possession of the following prerequisites:

  • athletes with licenses of clubs affiliated with Overseas Federations of Light Athletics that are recognized by WA. Subsequently when registering athletes must send, via the online registration system, a scan of their valid WA license.
  • athletes in possession of a FIDAL Runcard Subsequent to registration athletes must send, through the online system of registration:
  • a scan of their valid Runcard license
  • a scan of a medical certificate for competitive light athletics on a form approved by the Italian Federation. The medical certificate for non-resident foreigners can be issued by their own country, but the following tests must be carried out in line with Italian regulations:
    • medical visit;
    • complete urine test;
    • electrocardiogram at rest and after activity;
    • Spirograph;
  • Please visit the official Runcard website to sign up for a sport licence.
  • Please find the approved international medical certificate form at the following link.

On the day of the race pack collection it is obligatory to show an original copy of the medical certificate and to give a copy of it to the organization.

Participation for the purpose of tourism and sport for foreigners living abroad

According to the provisions of Art. 26 paragraph 4, 4.1 and 4.2 of the Rules for the Organisation of Events issued by FIDAL for the year 2024, the following may participate for the purposes of tourist-sporting foreign nationals resident outside of Italy may participate in the event if they are aged from 20 years of age (thousandth of age: 2003) onwards.

These athletes will participate in a non-competitive event that does not fall under the aegis of the FIDAL, although taking place at the same time as the competitive event.

These athletes will be identified with a different bib number and placed in an alphabetical order of arrival separate from the rankings of the competitive event and will not be eligible for prizes in in kind, in cash, vouchers, bonuses, engagements, reimbursement of expenses of any kind.

In order to participate, these athletes must present a form signed and stamped by a doctor, certifying their fitness for participation in a non-competitive marathon on the basis of the health regulations in force in their country of citizenship.

Important notice (valid for all categories of participation):

  • Athletes licensed by other Federations (e.g. Italian Triathlon Federation) or Promotional Sporting Organizations recognized by CONI can participate in respect of the rules set out for the RUNCARD-EPS / RUNCARD + medical certificate for Light Athletics
  • Licensed athletes in possession of the Mountain & Trail RUNCARD cannot participate
  • Italian citizens registered to A.I.R.E. are considered as foreign residents
  • the medicate certificates must state that they are suitable for “competitive sports of the type of LIGHT ATHLETICS”
  • Medical certificate issued for other sports or with wording such as “race”, “running”, “marathon” or “half marathon” are not valid for participation



a) online until 20 May 2024 through the official website of the event  for payments with bank transfer

b) online until 13 June 2024 through the official website of the event for payments with credit cards through Visa, Mastercard, Amex or Paypal.

c) direct registration at the desk of the organization open on the days indicated at the page Race Program.

It isn’t possible to register on the spot on the day of the race.


Registration fee and registration deadline
  Individual registrations Technic t-shirt
Online registration up to 28 February
€ 26,00 Included
Online registration up to 30 April
€ 32,00 Included
Online registration up to 31 May € 36,00 included
Online registration up to 13 June – 12:00
€ 40,00 NOT included
Direct registration on site € 45,00 NOT included

Secretarial fees to manage online registrations: 5%

A contribution of 2,00 € of the registration fee amount will be given to support the research and the preservation of cetacean in the Pelagos Sanctuary.


  • medical and technical assistance
  • third party liability insurance
  • official medal of participation for ranked athletes
  • race pack
  • technical T-shirt, reserved for those who register online up to 31 May, with a choice of sizes based on the order in which participants present themselves to collect their race bib, until stocks run out.*
  • race bib
  • timing service
  • final refreshments at the Finish
  • bag storage

*For production reasons, the Technical T-shirt is included in the race pack for all those who are registered with confirmed payment before 31st May. It the case of payment via bank transfer, it will be considered the date when our bank gets the payment, not the date when the transfer is made.


Registration for the race as a sports club provides a number of exclusive benefits:

  • 1 free entry for every 10 registrations for the same distance
  • blocked price until 31 May when the fees of the first 10 participants are confirmed and paid
  • free replacement of 20% of the participants by 31 May
  • secretariat-assisted management using a simple Excel form
  • dedicated service for hotel, restaurant and tourist service reservations

Registration must be completed by 31 May to access the benefits reserved for clubs 


Registration is personal and may not be transferred to another athlete and cannot be reimbursed in case of a failure to participate for any reason.



The technical bag containing the the bib and the chip, as well as the race pack of the 21.097 km, can be collected at the logistic base of the organization in San Remo on the days indicated at the page Race Program as you show:

  • the registration voucher that you can download from the registration system.
  • your sport licence
  • the original copy of your medical certificate (only those who hold a Runcard licence)

The collection can be done by proxy upon presentation of the confirmation letter with all the documents requested by the same.


The time limit for finishing the race is fixed at 3 hours


Time measurement and classification processing is by Crono Imperia, and both are validated by the Technical Delegate Judiciary/Court of Appeal. Any complaints must be presented in accordance with the regulations of FIDAL and the R.T.I.

The prize giving ceremony for the Run for the Whales will take place
at 9.00 pm at the athletic fields in San Remo

Awards will go to:

  • the first three male and female ranked absolute finishers
  • the first three finishers in the Fidal categories.

The winners of the top classification do not take part in the awards for the individual categories. There is no provision for cash prizes




Participants in the 21.097 km can deposit their clothing at the stand provided specifically by the organization in the Arrival area or in the prearranged area at the Start, 45 minutes before the start of the race.
Bags can be collected in the Arrival area.
The organization accepts no responsibility for any loss of property.


Affiliated hotels can be booked directly on the official website of the event, using the registration system.


A photography service will follow the race. Photos can be supplied free of charge through our Facebook page on the days following the event.


The organization reserves the right to modify these regulations at any time in order to ensure better organization of the race, after having communicated them to and obtained approval from FIDAL. For anything not covered by these regulations, the technical statutary rules of FIDAL and of the G.G.G. are valid.

Any changes to services, locations and times will be suitably communicated to the registered athletes or will be reported on the website. In addition, the documentation containing information essential for taking part in the race will be sent together with the race bib by the organization.


With registration to the Run for the Whales San Remo Half Marathon race the athlete authorizes the Organization with the treatment of their personal data for the purposes of management of registration and services (such as the official photographic service) and related services such as the timing and ranking, as well as periodic provision of news concerning the event, the territory holding the event and other similar events.

Image rights

With registration to the Run for the Whales San Remo Half Marathon race the athlete expressly authorizes the Organization, along with sponsors and media partners, with the acquisition of the right to use still or moving images in which the participant may appear on all media, including promotional and/or advertising material all over the world, and for the maximum time allowed by laws, regulations and agreements in force, including any extension that may be made to the planned period.


The organizers and owners of the event are
the Organizing Committee of the San Remo Marathon
legal seat in San Remo, studio Corrent Forghieri – corso Garibaldi 131
with the sponsorship of the Tethys Institute and the Asd Pro San Pietro sports organization
and in collaboration with Nyala Wonder Travel d.m.c.