All the routes of the Run for the Whales 2018 feature the pedestrian cycle path of western Liguria, which has now become a landmark and one of the main highlights of holidays in western Liguria.

This involves an infrastructure that was constructed along the old railway track, extending to an overall distance of 24 km, all of which overlooks the sea and remains separate from the roadway. The path crosses the centre of 8 municipalities and offers breathtaking views over the sea as it joins one town to another.

The Mediterranean flora that you come across is made up of flourishing aromatic herbs, maritime pines, oleanders, fig trees, flowers and plants of various kinds that provide an array of fragrances that vary according to the time of the year.

When you glance towards the sea you can catch a glimpse of the “spout” of an enormous whale, or groups of leaping dolphins. There are in fact thousands of cetaceans belonging to 8 different species that populate the coastal waters of western Liguria.