Artists4Rhino is a cultural association created by Gabriele Buratti BUGA and Marco Ferra, two artists who are involved in the problems related to the loss of animal species.

The rhinoceros, the original point of interest of the association, is one of the largest mammals on Earth at risk of extinction due to ruthless poaching aimed at its horn, which oriental superstitions regard as having aphrodisiac and medicinal properties.

Artists4Rhino was created to celebrate the rhinoceros as a unique inhabitant of a unique world, representative of a biodiversity that is increasingly rare; it also seeks to restore the dignity that every living thing deserves, raising it from its downgraded position as a commercial exchange of goods.

The association aims to raise the awareness of the art world towards the zeroing of the rhinoceros as well as of every animal species and environmental feature, making itself the catalyst for inspiring artists to allocate funds for fighting poaching, providing information and supporting foundations that work for the conservation of biodiversity. The means used to achieve this is the one that appeals most to its founders: artistic expression.

Through collective and travelling exhibitions of art the association comes into contact with people interested in art and environmental issues. It is therefore possible to support the cause through free donations or by purchasing works exhibited during the shows: for every work of art sold, a portion of between 35% and 50% is devolved to the cause by the artist.

Thanks to having met with Sabina Airoldi, our philosophy now also extends to the world of the great marine mammals which today are diminishing in numbers, increasingly under threat by large ships and pollution of this “mare nostrum”. This first exhibition in support of the Tethys Institute has the distinction of raising public awareness on a subject that is “near” to us geographically, calling into the limelight the art of those who live in the same area which Tethys is studying and protecting.

I feel a great need to combine a passion for art with the desire to protect the source from which art originates: nature. Nature as a generator of diversity, diversity as true wealth, wealth as a place to live with joy.

I am convinced that this joy does not exist reliably in the enjoyment of the huge amount of mass-produced goods obtained from the transformation of resources into a function of economic-financial markets, but only in the encounter between inner richness and outer richness, of nature in all its manifestations.


Gabriele Buratti

“There is no safer means than art to escape the world and there is no safer way of attaching yourself to it in fact than art.” (Johann Wolfgang Goethe)

Focusing our attention and our work on such a real and important subject is an essential way to form questions that provide a basis for being able to respond and take action. It is possible to intervene to change those things that don’t work, that we don’t like, that are wrong. Non-human animals are not our consumer goods. We would like to shape our view with our colors, our shapes, our lines, towards what we are doing, or not doing, all together, out there, in this wonderful abode that we call Nature.

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